Could you send me a “typical” boat itinerary?

  • A typical day on the houseboat might be something like this: 0700 generator starts which serves as a wake up call and operates the shower pressure pump, 0800 breakfast, fishing or birding from tenders, 11 or 1200 brunch, rest until 1500, fishing and exploring islands and channels, 1730 snacks, 1800 is shower hour then cocktails and supper at 2000. This is just a suggestion; times and activities can be changed, there are also optional extra’s like mokoros and game flights. The boat moves once a day.

What game can we expect to see from the houseboats?

  • The houseboat operates on the Okavango mainstream which is covered by papyrus both sides. In places the papyrus stretches up to five kilometers both sides. The only game to be met will be hippos, crocodiles and abundant bird life.

It would also be helpful to know what the fuel requirements for the boat would be.

  • The average fuel consumption is about 200 litres per day if fishing is part of the itinerary down to 100 litres depending on your needs.

And how much outboard oil?

  • Out Board Oil is used for two-stroke motors only and we are in the process of replacing them with four-stroke motors. The mix proportion is 1:50 , expect to use about 4 liters per 200 litres petrol.


If we choose to self cater, does this mean we have to provide the food & cook it?

  • You need to provide the food however the norm is that the houseboat staff do the cooking. If you want to cook the meals yourself you can though, there have been clients in the past who have preferred to cook their own meals.

If we choose the catered option is the food being supplied by the houseboat and cooked by the crew or does the food have to be supplied by us to be cooked by the crew?

  • The catered option includes all food supplied by the Houseboats & the meals are prepared by the crew. If however you wish to bring any items with due to special dietaries or you prefer a specific type of snack, you are most welcome to bring this with.

If choosing the catered option, is it possible to see & discuss menus beforehand?

  • In the case of a catered trip we normally call for preferences and then send a menu for approval. We are happy to send through our sample menu’s upon request.


Where can we park and will or cars and equipment be secure?

  • Your parking at both Sepopa and Seronga will be secure however we do not take responsibility for any losses.


Is there an age limit on the houseboats? Are children allowed (if so, is there a different rate?)

  • There is no age limit, but due to the nature of the boat, it is not advisable to bring babies and toddlers on board. Any children on board are the parent’s responsibility. Children younger than seven years are charged half the rate.


Do you have a guide to what our people should bring with them?

  • Bring along items that you would normally pack when visiting friends and family. We provide bedding, towels, toilet paper etc.

What is the situation as regards charging batteries for laptops, cameras etc?

  • We have an inverter on board and if you are close to Seronga, you can charge your accessories there

We see you sell ice, is it safe for human consumption?

  • We make our ice from the local town bore hole water and it is safe for consumption. The water is however rich in minerals and oxides and sometimes have a brownish colour. If this is not acceptable then guests are advised to bring their own ice on board.