Mokoro (Dugout Canoe) Trips

Exploring the waterways via Mokoro (a traditional Dugout Canoe) is the best and only way to go when looking for this way for a tranquil experience. Sit and enjoy the scenery as your guide skilfully propels the light craft through the reed and papyrus lined channels.

Originally, the only form of transport in the floodplains of the Okavango Delta, these canoe-like vessels, about 20 feet or 6 meters in length, used to be crafted from tree trunks, which were painstakingly hollowed out using hand-tools.

However the modern mokoro is constructed from moulded fibre-glass. Durable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly, it maintains its character – the serene, dream-like gliding through the papyrus waterways will leave a lasting impression on you.

The mokoro usually carries one or two passengers, while the boat-man stands at the stern using a long pole to¬†push the mokoro forward. Local boat-men are able to move with amazing¬†speed and maneuverability as many have perfected this lifelong skill. The skilled locals who run the mokoro are commonly known as ‘Polers’

This experience can be offered as part of your stay on the houseboats however can also be included in our camping excursions. Please mail us for more details.