The Okavango Delta is home to 71 fish species including tiger fish, tilapia and various species of catfish. Fish sizes range from 1.4 m African sharptooth catfish to 3.2 cm sickle barb. The same species are to be found in the Zambezi River, indicating a historic link between the two river systems.

The “Barbel Runs” of the Okavango Delta take place anytime from September to December every year. This feeding frenzy that occurs almost exclusively in the far northern corner of Botswana is something every fly-fisherman just has to experience at least once in their lifetime. For the fly fisherman it’s simply an opportunity to indulge in some serious fishing action. Because along-side the barbel, come the highly sought after tiger-fish which is held is high esteem as Africa’s prime freshwater target on fly.

March to April is good for bream (tilapia) however there are lots of mosquitoes then. August through to September is good for Nembwe and the climate is comfortable during this time. During January and February fishing is not allowed.

When booking a fishing trip on the Houseboats it is recommended that you book extra fishing boats to maximize your experience. We recommend a maximum of three anglers and a skipper per fishing boat giving each angler enough space for their adventure. Contact us directly for more details.

I would like to have some fishing gear but we cannot bring with. Is it possible to hire gear?

We stock basic gear free of charge but losses and breakages must be paid for. Serious fishermen prefer to bring their own tackle.

What tackle must we bring along?

  1. Rod: light spinning 6′
  2. Reel: coffee grinder to fit
  3. Line: 4-6 kg of any colour
  4. Hooks: med size, light sinkers
  5. Spinners: MEPS black, red , yellow No 4; EFFZETT spoons 1-2-3″ copper and silver
  6. Lures; Rapalas deep and medium divers 3&4″
  7. Trace: Black plastic coated