Okavango Houseboats offers fully furnished, ‘Old Africa’ Style houseboats for hire in the panhandle of the beautiful Okavango Delta in Northern Botswana.

The Okavango Delta is an idyllic wetland in the middle of a desert, aptly called ‘The Jewel of the Kalahari’, home to the most astonishing proliferation of bird, animal and aquatic life. Our houseboats offer the rare opportunity to experience this wetland paradise in comfort, as you float along the waterways in peace viewing the magnificent bird and animal life.

Hiring one of our houseboats ensures your exclusivity and privacy. There is no sharing with other guests and  so you can dictate the day’s activities.Our rates include the services of a chef and licensed boats-man, accommodation, and the use of tender boats and utilities. You are left with nothing to worry about and nothing to do but relax.

At Okavango Houseboats you will spend your days cruising the waterways, fishing and relaxing in unique serenity. Guests enjoy exceptional birding and angling opportunities as well as a chance to view the rare sitatunga antelope, or watch elephants feeding on palm fringed islands. You can try your hand at catching the mighty tiger-fish or go for bream and enjoy your catch for dinner.

The hushed silence makes it all more peaceful and the knowledge that you are in deepest Africa make your experience utterly compelling.